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Search and Rescue

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Operation: Take Me Home

We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in locating the at-risk population that wanders or elopes. Radio Frequency Transmitters can be located up to a mile away with receivers


Search Dogs

The skills of search and rescue (SAR) dogs can mean the difference between life and death, especially during natural disasters, mass casualty events, and when locating missing people.


Hummingbird Helix 7

Sonar technology has the ability to help locate underwater objects in operations where turbid waters may hinder maximum camera visibility. Perhaps most well known for search & recovery operations, sonar can help police and rescue teams locate evidence or victims underwater.



The real power that drones provide to rescue operators is the easy access to aerial data of a large area, which gives the rescue team the ability to expedite the process of finding a missing person, where every second count.


Communications Center

"The most challenging aspect to manage in SAR operations is communication. It is necessary to enable communication flow and be able to reduce the amount of redundant information; to route that data that is not strictly relevant to the operation to other areas in order to only focus on what is directly involved in the coordination of SAR operations.


Training Available

  • CERT

  • Lost Person Behavior

  • Autism, Alzheimer's and Technology: Resources for Emergency Personnel 

  • Map and Compass

  • Drone Flying

  • and more

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