Volunteer Application

Please click on the download link to download a volunteer application. Please send it to WPSARDC 1405 Frey Road Pgh, PA 15235

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Search and Rescue Support

One Step at a Time

We have added many tools to our toolbox when someone goes missing. In addition to scent dogs and tracking transmitters, we have added Lost Person Behavior profiling and drones to locate missing people or people who wander.

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Operation: Take Me Home

This program uses Radio Frequency Direction transmitters and calibrated receivers to quickly locate the special need population that wanders or elopes.

Deploy Pro

Tracking App for First Responders,CERT, K9 and SAR Teams.

Team members can be tracked in real time for safety during emergencies or disasters.

  • GPS Locations of app users

  • Set way points on priority areas

  • CERT reference guide

  • Personal Settings

  • Triage Counter

  • Notepad

  • Weather

  • Panic Button


A new addition to our tool box are drones. This technology can cover more area than humans or dogs in a shorter amount of time.


Search Dogs

Tracking/Trailing dogs and cadaver dogs are used to search for missing people. They start their training young and are required to go through obedience and agility. They must pass their AKC Canine Good Citizen test before they can certify for Search and Rescue disciplines