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Finding The Lost Services, may only be provided at the request of the

immediate family or Law Enforcement

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I agree that all photos provided of my loved one may be used for the creation and distribution of a missing flyer and in other efforts to locate the missing person. I am also aware that these photos will be seen publicly while the person is missing and may continue to be seen after the person is found. I give full rights to WPSARDC - Missing Persons Division, Finding The Lost, to share information at their discretion as needed in any and all searches related to finding my loved one such as, but not limited to, locations of interest. At my request, Finding The Lost will make every effort to remove posts of my loved one's missing poster, however I understand that this does not guarantee removal in entirety from the internet. I certify that I am the immediate family or guardian of the missing person in this form and have the legal right to request services for this missing person. By clicking "I Agree" and submitting this form, I certify the above is true

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